Why (or why not) Mifos X

The choice of a software is based on the problem we want to solve. If I want to cut a cake, I'd use a knife not a hammer. But if I want to drive a nail into the wall, the same knife will do me little good. As Mifos X partners, we must ask ourselves exactly what problem are we trying to solve. If we are trying to provide financial services to the poor, we are not really a Mifos Partner but a Mifos User. So more precisely, we can say we are partnering with organizations fighting poverty by providing them Technology Solutions to reach more of our millions of unbanked. But there's still a question. Can the same Mifos software be used to increase poverty rather than reduce it? What if a Financial Institution installs Mifos and uses it for money lending operations? What safeguards and guarantees do we have that this issue does not stare us in the face in the future?

Therefore I'd vouch that Mifos X is the platform for Financial Inclusion. But as a Mifos Partner, if we are being approached by an institution to install and provide Mifos for them and paying us for the job, we still don't want to rush into the contract and the work. We at SanJose Solutions do our due diligence and use our discretion on which organizations to support with our customizations, software and services. So whoever we have served will vouch for our integrity and commitment, but the rest is really heresay. We talk more through our actions or maybe I should say our innovations. We backup what we say with solid data and facts. This is why we consider our impact as massive and global as we think globally and act locally.